DATA MANAGEMENT SERVICES  SMALLOur proven data management and data preparation process called PACE© and our PACE© Data Repository (PDR) make data and metadata easy and understandable from the developer to business leader. We hold an ISO 8000-110:2009 certification for Master Data Quality Management and have certified ISO Master Data Quality Managers who lead a team of data scientists that truly understand the science of data — we take data seriously!


We help clients get their arms around the data they have, open their eyes to what it looks like, offer ideas on what they can do to prepare it and make it more useful, and implement changes in a repeatable way that help avoid having the same headaches in the future.


Poorly governed data costs organizations significant time and money that cannot be recaptured. Industry software vendors sell tools that try to solve this dilemma, but those tools often come with a long-term license and the additional cost of their service provider help. JJR offers an alternative approach that can help you get organized before buying any tool. Using JJR and our ISO 8000-110 Master Data Quality Management based PACE© processes to help you get organized, along with our PACE© Data Repository (PDR) at no cost can help you uncover the information that needs to be governed. Having this information first hand can assist you in determining what or if you need an enterprise Data Governance tool.


You need to know that the information you are looking at is accurate and based on the most current version of data available in order to have the confidence to make decisions. Our business is not about the tool, but about delivering the right information. When building your business intelligence and analytics solutions in whatever tool you have, we provide that very assurance or one that we can help you determine your need.