JJR Solutions’ PACE© Process is a proven and effective method for understanding what data you have across one or many sources and determining how to best transform it into your greatest asset: documented, compliant, and validated data ready to be reliably and accurately exploited. PACE© is a process executed on any platform and can be used by itself or with industry data technology tool sets. If you want to transform your data enterprise, then you need to PACE© your data.

Start Data Preparation Now because…

“Progress is more important than perfection.”

Simon Sinek


  • JJR’s employees utilize the proprietary PACE© software, developed by us with your data needs in mind.
  • This sophisticated data transformation tool solves your complex data and metadata challenges by organizing, analyzing, consolidating, cleansing and managing your data so you can use it.
  • Web-based metadata management capability for linking physical data, logical data and all applicable business exposure and/or transformation rules across one/many data sources.



  • Data Preparation reduces risk.
  • Reverse the trend of paying for the same data or development effort over and over.
  • Unlock the mystery of your data and metadata for all users.
  • Own and govern the end-to-end lineage of your data.
  • Reduce the cost of creating new capabilities while leveraging existing investments.



  • Implement a systematic process with the user at the center…supported by system/technology team.
  • Focus on desired result and not the tool to get you there.
  • Make results transparent to users and discoverable in seconds/minutes…not days.
  • Use what you need…not what is offered.
  • “PACE© Your Data…Transform Your Enterprise”


JJR’s PACE© Value Proposition