Too many companies are constantly trying to be everything to everybody. We aren’t like that. We know who we are, what we do and what we don’t do. We are focused and invest time, money and resources to deliver capabilities, solutions, and services that directly align to our core competencies. We have a vision to make data and information fully accessible, exploitable, and transparent.


Data doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether it is small data or big data, we help you organize, analyze, consolidate, cleanse, and manage it…so you can use it. Our proven PACE© Process and PACE© Data Repository (PDR) make it easy and understandable from the developer to business leader. If you have industry tools, we help you better use them and leverage your investment.


Regardless of technology, we discover and develop ways to make work and life simpler. We start with our set of innovative data tools that help make sense of and govern tons of data, but that is just the beginning. We think differently and use software where it make sense to solve problems that otherwise wouldn’t be solved.


We use our data management capabilities and thought leadership to help our government improve current processes and create new ways to solve the most complex and challenging issues.