Most companies talk about culture in terms of programs and environment. While these are important aspects of culture, JJR’s culture is a way of life that transcends our people and geography.

We have a philosophy that centers on ethics and listening, as well as a set of tenets that help guide us daily. This, when combined with everything else, makes up our moral compass for how we conduct ourselves.


Like every relationship in life, if you don’t listen, you will eventually be really lonely. Well, we really don’t want to be lonely, so we take time to listen to our clients, prospects, competitors, partners and ourselves and act on their needs. We truly listen, and we do the right thing every-time — no question.


Take a look at our cultural tenets. They are a constant reminder for how we should be acting and living at JJR and what you can expect of all of us at JJR. We discuss them at every team meeting and give prizes to people who remember them. Okay, so we haven’t don’t that yet, but how cool will it be when we start!

JJR’s Cultural Tenets:

  • Making the unusual… usual
  • Performance, performance, performance
  • If it’s not fun… find a way to make it fun
  • Respect our differences
  • Be accountable, be responsible
  • Change is inevitable… be a part of it
  • Work Hard – Play Hard – Be Creative