JJR BuildingJJR Solutions grew out of necessity – a necessity to do something new and create a work environment that people would want to be a part of — building a company that was serious about delivering client value while still taking the time to have fun. And so a few folks got together and embarked on creating a place where people could contribute, affect change, grow, and have fun. That was in 2009….today we are company that has achieved this and more.

We do what’s right every time, not because we have to, but because it’s the only way to really serve others and conduct business, and our customers and employees have recognized that in us. In fact, our employees have nominated us and we have won the designation three years in a row as one of the “Best Places to Work.”

We know there is so much more we have yet to do, and while we don’t know what the future offers, we’ll continue to write Our Story.

So check back from time to time to see how our story unfolds. Better yet, become a part of it!

JJR Locations

  • Dayton, OH Corporate Headquarters
  • Montgomery, AL – Within two miles of Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base
  • Washington, D.C. – Near the NOMA Metro station