Our employees are the reason for our success! We at JJR recognize the outstanding work our team does day in and day out to support our clients, and we take the time to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of our team through our Employee Recognition Program.


Lifesaver Award

Every day is an opportunity to say Thank You. The Lifesaver Award is an award given by a peer to peer, expressing appreciation to their co-workers who make a difference in their everyday work life.

Employee Recognition Awards by Supervisors

JJR’s Supervisors are empowered to recognize those members on their team that go above and beyond, whether it’s a technical accomplishment, innovation by a team or individual that contributes to the completion of a project or milestone; exemplary performance; improvement of quality or efficiency; achievement in support of JJR’s goals and values, or other accomplishment that leads to our success.


JJR DIND AWARD (Do It Now Dummy)

Recognition is an important part of our culture, but at JJR you won’t find that long list of awards that are typically provided at other companies. We have one major award, which is affectionately called the “DIND Award.”  We hire the “best of the best” and hold each other accountable to do a “great job” for our clients and JJR.  The DIND Award is our quarterly and yearly award that is presented to those individuals who have “gone above and beyond” their normal day-to-day duties to accomplish something that contributes to the vision, mission or improved operations at JJR Solutions.  These awards can be presented to subcontract teammate personnel (eligible for quarterly awards only) or to any JJR employee.


dinawardCarlos Perez was a retired USAF Major General who served 32 years defending the country that gave freedom to his family.  Major General Perez’s parents migrated from Cuba to the United States in the early 1950’s and settled in Miami, Florida, when he was eight years old.  As a Cuban immigrant, Major General Perez faced some of the harshest prejudice anyone could imagine, yet rose above it through the love and guidance of his parents and family.  The work ethic that was instilled in Carlos provided the foundation to learn English, complete college, receive a USAF commission and attain the rank of two-star general.  During his career, he lived the motto of “Do It Now Dummy” or DIND for short.  This was not something he directed at others – it was something he always told himself.  It was all about making progress on the things he had influence and control of.  It was a travesty to not take action – the only way something was going to get done was to “Do It Now Dummy.”

JJR Solutions’ Founder, Dave Judson, served as Major General Perez’s Aide-de-Camp at Tinker AFB and asked the General about the significance of DIND.  The words that follow are not exact, but carry the message.  Major General Perez said that in most cases people delay taking action or making decisions all too long because they wait for more information than they need to gain clarity on what the right decision is or what direction to go.  He was simply a proponent of “making a decision” and being accountable for it while making adjustments if need be and in the end, doing what is right….with the emphasis on “doing.”   During one of his overseas assignments, his troops gave him a plaque with “DIND” on it and from that point forward he hung it on the wall of his office at every duty station.  After his passing in 2009, Dave Judson asked his widow, Miriam Perez, if he could have the DIND plaque in honor of Major General Perez.  That same plaque now finds it place, not in a box, but on a wall at JJR Solutions where Major General Perez’s legacy lives on.

USAF Biographies:  http://www.af.mil/AboutUs/Biographies/tabid/132/Page/5/Default.aspx.  Search on “Perez.”