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We are in business to improve the health, well-being, and security of our communities and nation.

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Simply the best

JJR Solutions is repeatedly ranked a “Best Place to Work” by the Dayton Business Journal.

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Chosen for VECTOR

We are one of only 68 companies selected to serve the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs with management and business support services through the VECTOR contract award.

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We advance health for Veterans

JJR Solutions helps the VA fund $500M in research funds annually.

How we advance your mission


We find trends, call-out risks and help you determine “what if?” and “what’s next?”

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We help clients stay on target. Are you working as effectively and efficiently as possible?

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We make things happen. We are experts at helping you execute large-scale, high-stakes programs.

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We leverage the cloud to deliver the IT you need, wherever you need it.

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Client Outcomes

How We Hit the Target

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NexGen IT: Office of the Air Force Civil Engineer

As its designated strategic data partner, JJR Solutions helped the Office of the Air Force Civil Engineer replace legacy systems and upgrade to the latest technologies available. Modernization was needed to effectively support and connect 14 critical mission areas across 190 Air Force bases. We supported the planning and programming phases for the NexGen IT effort, which laid the foundation for funding and acquisition. We performed a strategic gap analysis, analyzed alternative solutions, affirmed the veracity of data sources, and profiled data from 400 sources.

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VA Office of Research and Development: Merit Review Support Services Program

The VA Office of Research and Development (ORD) oversees thousands of research projects that are critical to Veteran and family health. We helped the ORD standardize processes, metrics, and reporting mechanisms to help it award more than $500M annually. With our help, the ORD processed more than 2,000 award applications for 30 programs in 2016. That involved 116 review panels and travel coordination for 1,700 scientists, all in compliance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

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NASA Safety Center: Technical Excellence

Through its Safety Center, NASA works to protect people, equipment, and property and to prevent mishaps. Using machine learning techniques, JJR Solutions helps NASA rapidly uncover key insights hidden within its massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. We apply mission insight to identify significant findings and make actionable recommendations.

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B-2 Bomber Modernization

For decades, the B-2 stealth bomber has served as a multi-role, heavy payload workhorse for our Armed Services. As a partner on the Defense Management System modernization effort, we are working on the most extensive modification effort the bomber has undergone. Our mission is to preserve the aircraft’s stealth advantages while keeping our war-fighting machines safe from modern air defenses. Using a commercial agile software development process, JJR Solutions is shrinking the cycle time for development – which helps keep the U.S.’s technologies ahead of its enemies.

“I was very impressed with JJR Solutions’ ability to ‘hit the ground running’ on the first day of the contract. Your team’s ability to respond quickly saved us countless man hours and ensured that we had a successful merit review cycle.”REBECCA CRAWFORD, CONTRACT OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE VA OFFICE OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT

We are relentless problem solvers

Our clients succeed because we are:

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We have the gumption and agility of a start-up, backed by the best business tools and boots-on- the-ground experience. Our Team

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You get what you reward. At JJR Solutions, we get things done. Our award is called the DIND. OUR CULTURE

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You can trust and depend on us. That’s why our clients choose to work with us again. OUR LEADERSHIP

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We are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. With or without the uniform, we remain committed to serve. Our Team

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We recruit and retain the very best people. They make us a “Best Place to Work” again and again. JOIN US