We are repeatedly ranked JJR as a “Best Place to Work” by our employees. It’s also the best place to learn, grow and have fun.

As a member of the JJR Solutions team, you can expect:


We solve really tough and important problems facing our nation’s health, security and well-being. This isn’t easy work, but it is rewarding.


We support career development – not job readiness. JJR University provides a formal path for mentorship, leadership training and skill expansion for our employees so they can grow and lead with us throughout their careers.

      Being Heard

      We ask team members for feedback and put their ideas into action. A lot. You can count on your leadership team to seek feedback, listen, learn and respond.


      We take the work seriously, but not ourselves. We genuinely enjoy working together. We also love potlucks, community service, local restaurants and the city of Dayton.

      To Make a Difference

      The work we do directly impacts the health and security of our communities. We serve an important, unifying purpose.


      We believe deeply in giving back and we aspire to lift our community as we grow. Our Employee Care Committee organizes our support for charitable causes.

          Being Recognized

          We say “thank you” whenever we can, and we encourage peer-to- peer recognition, too. Each quarter we award a DIND, which stands for “Do it Now Dummy” in honor of retired USAF Major General Carlos Perez. He valued making a decision, being accountable, and doing what was right – with an emphasis on “doing.”

              Have a life

              We started JJR Solutions because we thought it was possible to do great work and still see our family and friends. We definitely work hard. But we also recognize the need to recharge in order to do our best.

              Check out the team

              jjr grit
              jjr canal row, Downtown Dayton
              JJR discussion
              JJR team on the rocks
              JJR beer tasting
              JJR internal discussion
              JJR external discussion
              JJR handstand
              JJR team wearing VR game
              JJR Team behind table full of toys for kids
              JJR wearing solar eclipse glasses looking up at the sun
              a group of men JJR employees
              JJR employees with family at baseball field
              JJR employees a baseball field
              JJR employees running marathon
              JJR employees in team spirit
              JJR employee with a toy drum
              JJR employees in team spirit
              JJR employees making a craft project
              a group of men in JJR office
              JJR employees standing around a house with shovels
              JJR carved into a pumpkin
              JJR employee dressed up as a rock band
              a man playing an electric guitar
              a black dog with toys in a bowl
              JJR employee with a dog
              JJR employees wearing blue shirts giving away baby goods
              two people sitting with a dog
              a group of people at a long table eating
              three JJR employees with clown noses
              a man in a cubical with decoration decoration around him
              A rewarding challenge

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              1 day ago

              FILL UP THE TRUCK! As you know, Hurricane Florence recently made landfall, crashing into the North Carolina coast, devastating hundreds of families and businesses. A rural community, Pollocksville, North Carolina, has been nearly...

              1 day ago

              Grit is having stamina. One of the best ways to build grit is to establish a growth mindset. The ability to learn is not fixed, but rather changes with your effort. What else can you learn in your lifetime?

              High Achievers Have More Grit Than Talent

              4 days ago

              Have goals, be open to feedback, and have a growth mindset are just a few key takeaways that one journalist had from a conversation with Dr. Angela Duckworth. Our team is comprised of talented individuals that possess skills such as lead...

              1 week ago

              Team JJR has been following its dream since our founding in 2009, and has made significant accomplishments and growth over the past years.With the hard work of our team, we can proudly say that we have grown to over 50 employees and cont...

              Angela Duckworth

              2 weeks ago

              Are you curious how "gritty" you are? Check out this short quiz to find where you are on the Grittiness scale, developed by psychologist Angela Duckworth! Team JJR is sure to score high on this scale, we persevere to overcome challenges ...

              2 weeks ago

              At 8:46 am, 17 years ago the first of the twin towers was attacked. It is not just today, but everyday we remember the victims, first responders, and the families of those affected by the tragedies on 9/11.

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