We create secure, cloud-based software applications and IT management solutions

We deliver Digital

We build the tools that run your business.

Our software engineers create can’t-live-without applications using the world’s most advanced technologies. Yet, you won’t need a user manual to work with us. JJR’s Digital Solutions are cloud-based, intuitive and secure. Together, we can redefine what’s possible.

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Web/Mobile Solutions

Scroll, click, swipe.

We make data and tools securely available on the platforms you use, so you can work at today’s pace. Our solutions are typically cloud-based and always intuitive. Every time we design, we keep end-user accessibility and security top-of-mind.


IT Service Management

IT Service Management is more than just a “help desk.”

Today’s IT teams needs to be strategically aligned with the long-term vision of the organization. We get how complicated it is to stay up-to-date and in-synch across large organizations. Our team can help manage your IT lifecycles to match the strategy and service levels you require.

Data Management

Our team is ISO 8000-110:2009-certified to provide master data management, quality, governance, conversion, and migration support.

Our data scientists find and verify your data to ensure accountability, stewardship of resources, and optimal performance. In fact, we copyrighted a sure-fire process to uncover, organize, and govern data. Our PACE© methodology helps organizations maintain data completeness, consistency, accuracy, and timeliness – even as the volume and complexity multiplies.



We protect modern warfighters and the weapons systems that keep us safe.

We owe soldiers the best, most-secure IT, equipment and software possible. We’re committed to the mission and will deliver on that promise.

Client Outcomes

How We Hit the Target

jet flying in the sky

B-2 Bomber Modernization

For decades, the B-2 stealth bomber has served as a multi-role, heavy payload workhorse for our Armed Services. As a partner on the Defense Management System modernization effort, we are working on the most extensive modification effort the bomber has undergone. Our mission is to preserve the aircraft’s stealth advantages while keeping our war-fighting machines safe from modern air defenses. Using a commercial agile software development process, JJR Solutions is shrinking the cycle time for development – which helps keep the U.S.’s technologies ahead of its enemies.